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Vibranto ® Shoes
Find under this section, all our terms and conditions to use Vibranto ® trademark in Australia

Use of trademark

Main section:

This section explains the use of Vibranto® logo and any other Vibranto® trademarks by third parties.  The Vibranto® circular logo and the dancer ‘penché’ pose are the recognisable trade mark owned by Vibranto®.

Vibranto® has developed a substantial reputation and good will in the Vibranto® logo and its trade mark in Australia.

In order to protect its trade mark, Vibranto®  only allows authorised Vibranto® franchisees and other organisations closely associated with it to use its name and trademarks. This ensures that when customers see the Vibranto® name or the circular logo, they know they are dealing with Vibranto®  or an organization closely linked to Vibranto® .

Any reproduction of Vibranto®’s trademarks requires the permission of Vibranto® in writing.  Vibranto®  Australia is willing to consider requests concerning the use of the Vibranto®  trademarks with respect to new products for Australia.

To consider your request, an official request form must be submitted. Please ask for a request form by email to: shoes@vibranto.com.au

Please note that Vibranto® of Australia take the unauthorised use of Vibranto® trademarks very seriously, and will proceed to enforce their rights against any unauthorised user.