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Why Vibranto shoes

Vibranto® Shoes are designed by dancers not only for dancers but also for non-dancers. With the same quality, performance and comfort as professional dancing shoes, Vibranto ® shoes brings a luxury product in three different sole types, depending on your application:

Dance sole in suede leather, perfect to slide and turn when dancing, offering maximum shoe flexibility and comfort.

Hybrid sole in crupon hard leather, good for walking and dancing, offering medium shoe flexibility.

Street sole in neolite rubber, for best grip while walking, offering shoe stability and medium flexibility.

Vibranto ® shoes are light, have sound structure and cushioning for those spins and tricks when dancing. Vibranto ® Shoes are comfortable when wearing your shoes for the office or gala events.

In addition, you can order your Vibranto ® Shoes with three options of heel height: 55mm, 65mm and 75mm. Special orders for 45mm or 85 mm are available.


Where Vibranto Shoes come from

Vibranto® Shoes are made in Medellín. This city is in Colombia, surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains of South America.

Starting as a family business for the dance and fashion industry in Medellin (Colombia), passionate shoemakers and dancers have broad experience providing comfortable shoes for professional dancers. The same comfort and quality are available for street-sole luxury shoes. Therefore you will enjoy a luxury product with comfort and style, manufactured by hand.

How Vibranto shoes are made

These luxury shoes are handcrafted by shoemakers in Colombia, using authentic leather and materials that are famous for their quality.

You can order Vibranto ® Shoes either in dancing or street sole.

Regardless on your choice both styles will have:

  • Double comfort and built-in cushioning
  • Softness, flexibility and comfort
  • Individually handmade designs made in Colombia (South America) with authentic quality leather and material
  • Light weight.
  • Unique, exclusive and luxury design.
  • Availability in half sizes: Vibranto ® shoes are made with precision.
  • Option to try it on before or after making an order in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Option to customize foot measurement for clients in Melbourne or Brisbane.

Did you know that…

By purchasing Vibranto ® Shoes you are contributing to improve the standard of living of more than one entire hard-working family in Colombia. They rely on their hand-made work as their main source of income. These shoes are not mass-produced neither are the result of promoting exploitation of workers via ‘sweatshops’ or promoting fast-fashion. Shoemakers in Colombia use authentic leather and materials that are famous for their quality standards. Products are designed for lasting. More information on our Corporate Social Responsibility link or please contact us if you have further questions.