How long my Vibranto Shoes take to be made?

Your shoes normally take between six to eight (6 to 8) weeks.


Why do my Vibranto Shoes take that long?

Your custom-made shoes are hand-made in South America.  There are constraints with sourcing of materials and logistics with shipments that in order to maintain prices affordable, require compromise a little with delivery time.


Do you have stock in my feet size?

We usually keep a small stock with our standard sizes for sampling. This stock is used for our customers making appointments in Melbourne.


Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. Provided you register on our contact form and return the items as per our returns policy there is no problem on us arranging to send you a sample to try.


What if I want to keep one of the samples?

You are welcome to do so, by placing the order or getting in contact with us to proceed with payment.

We accept bank transfer, credit card and Paypal. No hidden or extra fees included.


Do you deliver to remote areas in Australia?

We can arrange free delivery of our products to any area in Australia covered by the StarTrack – Australia Post strategic alliance.


Can you deliver to parcel lockers?

You are welcome to ask us for delivery of purchased product (not samples) to parcel lockers, provided you give us enough information to arrange delivery without the risk of losing the item. The more information you provide us, the better service we can deliver.


Do you deliver outside Australia?

We can. However, it depends on the destination’s local regulations and freight costs which will have to be covered by the recipient before delivery. Consider extra 10 working days for your offshore delivery which you can follow as we always send you a tracking number when using the StarTrack – Australia Post alliance for deliveries.


Are you based in Australia?

Yes, we run operations from Melbourne, VIC, Australia. This means warranties, quality and service are covered by the Australian Consumer Law as well as your responsibilities as a good customer apply.


Are delivery and taxes included in the pricetag?

Yes, We hate as much as you checkout fees, credit card fees and unpleasant surprises. Have the peace of mind that our prices are final prices in Australian dollars. No dodgy fees! 😎


What do you mean Vibranto Shoes are Ethically Manufactured?

We have costs that are reasonable with an ethical manufacturing model, keeping stock at a minimum and manufacturing only the items our customers order, reducing substantially waste of materials and labor. Ethical manufacturing means that we do not support Fast Fashion shops style, which means keeping massive amounts of inventory at the expense of workers exploitation and unrealistically cheap product at the expense of low wages and unfair working conditions. Employees at the factory are properly remunerated. More details on our Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) statement.


My Vibranto Shoes are made in Colombia?

Yes, Vibranto Shoes are made in Medellin. As you may know this beautiful city in Colombia was dealing with high levels of violence in the 90s. Now, it is a prosperous and touristic place where foreign visitors enjoy the nightlife and shopping as the Fashion Capital of Colombia. More information about the origins of Vibranto Shoes in our video Where Vibranto Shoes come from?.