Corporate Social Responsibility

Vibranto ® Shoes
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As an online shoe retailer in Australia, Vibranto ® Shoes contributes with your shoe experience, not only for dancing enthusiasts but also for non-dancers.

Vibranto ® Shoes are made in Medellín. This city is located in Colombia on some of the most beautiful mountains of Southamerica. Here, over twenty employees work to provide you with a product with comfort and style. As a customer, you can have the piece of mind that these shoemakers and dancing enthusiasts are rewarded fairly. DRaso in Colombia as Vibranto ® Shoes supplier of high quality shoes in Australia, DOES NOT rely on ‘sweatshops’ where profits are first, at the expense of exploitation of workers. The employees  at the manufacturing facility are fairly remunerated, have safe work audits, health insurance, superannuation and holidays. In addition, employees working hours are according the local legislation and above minimal wage.

Employees are members of The Antioquia Family Compensation Fund (Comfama) which is a private non-profit organization that conducts comprehensive social interventions to improve the quality of life of workers and their families.  It focuses on reducing the social inequities established as priorities by Colombia’s social policy, based on the principles of solidarity and fair distribution of wealth in order to strengthen capacities and enable universal access to basic services. Comfama provides affordable entertainment to workers and their families through their branches across the region: Cinemas, hiking, camping, rafting and canopy tours are among the options.

We DO NOT promote fast fashion and unethical production practices. You may find our prices are proportional to the real ethical cost of producing the goods that you enjoy. Our products are made with quality and they are designed to last.  No violence or conflict is behind the supply chain of the raw materials used in the factory.

Because we want to make you aware of the effects on people and the environment when making purchase decisions, we are open with our business practices. We encourage you to watch our videos about how the Vibranto ® shoes are made, where they come from and who we are at our Facebook link: