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Find under this section, our social media policy in Australia

Social Media Policy

These terms and conditions govern our relationship with users and others who interact with Vibranto ® Shoes via social media including Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Vibranto ® Shoes is active on social media, allowing us to connect with our customers. We are open to and encourage conversations about our brand, our product and in-store experiences. Whilst we are always open to feedback via our social media channels, positive or negative, there are some guidelines in place users should remember.

Vibranto ® Shoes Social Media is monitored between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Thursday (AEST) with extended hours as believed necessary.

Vibranto ® Shoes has a wide range of users and it is important that our page is inclusive and respectful to all those engaged. We do our best to keep social content safe and suitable for all users, but we cannot guarantee it. As such, we require that all users:

  • Be respectful, and consider other points of view when posting. Users must not post content or links to content that could be considered offensive, defamatory, religious, cult recruiting, obscene, sexist, racist, threatening, use inappropriate language (swearing) or content that is otherwise not appropriate for an audience of all ages.
  • Not engage in any bullying, intimidation, or harassment conduct against any user using Vibranto ® Shoes’s social media channels
  • Not post any of your own or anyone else’s personal information. While your privacy is important to us, please remember that anything you post is public unless you restrict your privacy settings via the social media platform in use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc)
  • Do not spam or try and advertise on our page.
  • Follow the relevant social media platform rules and regulations for use of their sites.

All feedback (either positive or negative) is helpful to Vibranto ® Shoes and we encourage all our users to interact with us and our brand. We will do our best to respond directly to as many posts as possible where a response is required. However, we encourage you to use the appropriate channels such as our contact form